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Please help: LDAP and SQL

Just a simple question...does anyone know of a mySQL backend for openLDAP?
Here's the situation;
I'm setting up a database in mySQL and, for e-mail purposes, need to connect to the database via LDAP. I've been doing alot of research into it and have noted the following points.
1) One can write a SLAPD backend API which will converts an openLDAP query into a SQL query and returns the results.
2) Another option is to write a SHELL script which converts an openLDAP query into a SQL query and passes the results back.
3) A third possibility, which does not seem likely to happen, is adding RDBMS support to openLDAP. (see http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-devel/199809/msg00031.html ) As a side note, I do like the idea of utilising ODBMC to create RDBMS support.

Anyway, there's been some talk about a mySQL backend but nobody *seems* to have implemented it. Hopefully there is a backend out there as the world is a large place.
Yours hopefully,
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