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Problem Building Database

I was suggested by postmaster to post this message in "software". 
Sorry if somebody receiving it second time.

We are working with OpenLDAP 1.2.7 on Solaris 2.7 with a gdbm database. For
now we have dedicated a spark 20 with 65 MB and 175 MHz processor.  With
some help we were able to build and install everything successfully and
performed some tests.

Now we are trying to build a test database. We exported some data from our
Sybase database to be imported into  the approximate ldap hierarchy below

                        |          |
                        |         o----------item1
                        |          |
                        |         o----------item2
                        |          |
                        |         ....
                        |          |
                        |         o----------itemN
                        |           |
                        |         ....

Currently we are working with about 8000 users and about 130,000 items for
3000 of those users.  Which works out to about 40 items/per user.
User data and item data were exported into two separate ldif files. We used
ldif2ldbm to load the first file and it took about 4 hours.  We then started
on the second file which is apout 17MB in size. We started ldif2ldbm on
Friday night and it is still not done by Wednesday.

Is this normal behavior and if not, what are we doing wrong?  Do we need
more powerful hardware? Do we need to structure our ldif files differently?
Can OpenLdap deal with this number of entries? I would appreciate an insight
on this.

Thanks, Slav