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RE: ldap_simple_bind*

I'm trying that right now but it doesn't work.  Here's the command...

./ldapsearch -h -b "ou=qmail,dc=my,dc=domain,dc=net" -D
"Administrator" "objectClass=*" -v -W

I then type in the password and I get the error  

ldap_bind: Invalid credentials
ldap_bind: additional info: 80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C090290, comment:
AcceptSecurityContext error, data 525, v893

Here's what I'm noticing.  If 'Everyone' has read access in Active
Directory then I don't need to login and ldapsearch works fine.  However
this could lead to potential security complications.  I'm trying to do a
bind command giving a user and a password but it doesn't work.
ldap_simple_bind_s on NT works fine but it also natively supports NT

Noah Campbell
Web Developer

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Haven't done it with the C API directly, but Perl Net::LDAP and the
OpenLDAP command line tools worked for me--if you haven't used
against AD yet, I'd try that first.


On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, OpenLDAP wrote:

> I'm trying to access active directory on NT using ldap_simple_bind*
> it does not seem to work.  I'm using ldapsearch and am not writing any
> custom code.  I was wondering if anyone has had any success in doing
> this.
> Thanks,
> Noah Campbell
> WareNet
> Web Developer