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Re: ldap_bind: No such object

On Tue, 14.03.00 11:27 -0800, Frank Liu wrote:
> dn: cn=manager, dc=quicknet, dc=net 
> cn: manager
> sn: manager
> objectclass: person
> But I can't add this initial entry:
> ldapadd -h localhost -D "cn=manager, dc=quicknet, dc=net" -W < my.ldif
> Enter LDAP Password:
> ldap_bind: No such object 

Normally you define the admin account in /etc/openldap/slapd.conf 
hardcoded with password.
That is, you maybe can´t simply overwrite it then because LDAP needs
to know this "manager" binding before even access the LDAP database -
else you couldn´t add the first entry. So it won´t allow you to change it.

Hmmm. Don´t know if it´s true but it sounds logically :-)



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