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not using syslogd

I recently installed OpenLDAP 1.2.9 onto a Solaris 2.6 box.  Slapd
runs and I'm able to query/add/modify without any trouble.  However,
nothing is ever written to logs.  

>From what I've seen, it is supposed to use LOCAL4 by default.  As
such, I configured syslogd to use LOCAL4 and to write to a file
/var/log/slapd.  Nothing ever gets written, however.  If syslogd is
started in debug mode, it doesn't complain about the references for

Now, if I start slapd with various debug levels, all sorts of
debugging information is written to the console.  Nothing is ever
written to any files, however.  

At the moment, I'm stumped, as I can't figure out *why* no logging is
taking place.

Any suggestions?

blair christensen