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Re: The referral is right?

At 10:03 AM 3/11/00 +0800, Xuan Huan wrote: 
> I make server1( providing the directory services of "o=myschool,c=cn".
> I make server2( providing the directory services of "ou=ee,o=myschool,c=cn".
> In slapd.conf,I write "referral ldap://";

This is fine.

> In I add an entry:
>   dn:ou=ee,o=myschool,c=cn
>   objectclass:orgnizationunit

No.  This should be added to server2, not server1.

>   dn:ref="ldap://",ou=ee,o=myschool,c=cn
>   ref:ldap://
>   objectclass:referral

No. You should add (to server1):
    dn: ref="ldap://,o=myschool,c=cn",o=myschool,c=cn
    ref: ldap://,o=myschool,c=cn
    objectclass: referral

Then when you one-level or subtree scope search with base "o=myschool,c=cn"
on server1, the search reference (a referral) should be returned.