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Re: Where/when does authentication happen?

On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Douglas Partridge wrote:

# dn: o=Company, c=US
# o: Company
# objectclass: organization
# dn: cn=dpartridge, o=Company, c=US
# cn: Doug Partridge
# sn: Partridge
# mail: dpartridge@company.com
# objectclass: person
  objectclass: top

# dn: cn=jsmith, o=Company, c=US
# cn: Joe Smith
# sn: Smith
# mail: jsmith@company.com
# objectclass: person
  objectclass: top

	That really doesn't make all that much of a difference there, but
it's recommended.  What you're actually asking, is how to get your
credentials in there.  Without a userPassword attribute, you can't bind to
any of those dn's.  The ldappasswd command will let you set the passwords:

ldappasswd -b "o=company,c=us" -D "cn=admin,o=company,c=us" -W -H sha -h
	ldapserver -t "cn=dpartridge,o=company,c=us"

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