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Where/when does authentication happen?

I am very new to LDAP and have setup my database by following the
example in the Administrator guide.  Despite further research I have
done, I am still *very* confused about how to add authentication.  We
only want to use LDAP as a Global Address List.  We also want to make
the data available to remote users outside the firewall.  For a
measure of security we want to setup our database so that everyone
will use the same account/pw to access the database (rather than
anonymously as it is currently done).

Here are my setup files:


database ldbm
suffix	"o=Company, c=US"
rootdn	"cn=admin, o=Company, c=US"
rootpw	secret


dn: o=Company, c=US
o: Company
objectclass: organization

dn: cn=dpartridge, o=Company, c=US
cn: Doug Partridge
sn: Partridge
mail: dpartridge@company.com
objectclass: person

dn: cn=jsmith, o=Company, c=US
cn: Joe Smith
sn: Smith
mail: jsmith@company.com
objectclass: person


This is essentially how we are setup.  All I want to do now is figure
out how to add authentication.  If someone could show me how this
would look in the MYSLAPD.CONF/MYLDIF file(s) I would greatly
appreciate it.

Thanks, Doug