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How do I write referral entries that are automatically followed?


I'm under the impression that version 1.2 supports references, and that it
will follow a reference when that reference is served on the same slapd
server.  I can't seem to write such a reference entry.

I have 3 ldbm databases, all on the same slapd server (
dc=artic, dc=edu
ou=People, dc=artic, dc=edu
ou=Group, dc=artic, dc=edu

I've tried putting:

dn: ref="ou=People, dc=artic, dc=edu", dc=artic, dc=edu
objectclass: reference
ref: "ldap://,dc=artic,dc=edu";

ldapsearch -h -b "dc=artic,dc=edu" "(objectclass=*)"

and all I get are partial results and referrals.

(I've checked, and the LDAP_REFERRALS compile time variable is on, so
referrals should work...)

I've tried searching the mailing lists and just can't figure this out.  Am
I wrong, will I have to wait for 1.3?

I could always put all the entries in one database, but I figured I'd get
better performance with this scheme.  Perhaps not, as this will be used to
authenticate unix logins and both the People and the Group need to be
referenced for each login.



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