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Configuring Apache server, with PHP and LDAp errors

I hope that this is the correct forum for this question
I am installing a new test unix server as follows:-

	Apache 	v	.3.1.12
	PHP		v	3.0.15

I am using LDAP 1.2.9 against my current Linux server.

My installation directories are :-
	APACHE	/home/users/noc/zkousit/apache_1.3.12
	PHP		/home/users/noc/zkousit/php-3.0.15
	LDAP		/home/users/noc/ldap/Zkousit/openldap-1.2.9

PHP installs ok with the following option 

APACHE fails in the make if I specify

If fails with the following message (all on 1 line)
		undefined reference to  `ldap_perror'

the ldap_error part is 1 example of numerous ldap processes the 
make is looking for.

Has anyone any ideas, what the problem is or where i might find 
the answer?



PHP appears to install ok, specif
APACHE configures ok if I don

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