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why is dn indexed ??

Hi Folks,
    I have been watching an ldif2ldbm process foing on my machine for
four hours now and it is stuck on substring indexing of dn.
As far as I can see this index is not specified in the slapd file, I
have tried to locate where the trigger for it is in the ldif2ldbm
program and the ldif2index program.

I wonder what the use of substring indexing of the dn when the dn cannot
be used for searches or am I wrong. I can;t think of any process within
the server where substring searches of the dn would be used. Equality
searches possibly but not substring.

Is this a hangover from  x500 that is no longer valid as a standalone
service ?

This is just a thought on speeding up the processing of data.
    gerrit Thomson.