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Re: Group attributes?

At 02:18 PM 3/8/00 +0100, Christian Hammers wrote:
>Is this possible in LDAP:
>dn:		cn=ch,ou=employees,dc=westend,dc=com
>objectType: 	person
>GROUP: 		cn=staffAttributes,ou=groups,dc=westend,dc=com	
>and then a ldapsearch that selects every attributes+values from the user
>"ch" and - since he is in some kind of "Group", every attribute that
>is defined in the Object which is referenced by the dn staffAttribute?

Sounds like a RDBM join operation... which you won't find in LDAP.

You need two searches.  One to read "cn=ch,ou=employees,dc=westend,dc=com"
and one to read "cn=staffAttributes,ou=groups,dc=westend,dc=com".