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Re: Sorting the LDAPSEARCH output

I think what Antonin means is how to sort the attributes in a record to
show them in a standard way. When you create an entry, openldap puts the
attributes in the order you gave it. After a couple of modifies, the
attribute order is completely different. 

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> At 02:10 PM 3/7/00 +0100, Antonin Novak wrote:
> >I am looking to present the output from LDAPSEARCH in the same
> >format, so that I can display the results on a Web page.
> >
> >I have written the records using a standard output, but if
> >modifications take place, this format is changed.
> >
> >Does anyone know if it is possible to sort the data, or do I need to
> >look outside of LDAP for the solution ?
> Try the -S option to ldapsearch.  man ldapsearch(1) for details.