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Re: How to replicate/refer to another LDAP server

At 06:56 PM 3/7/00 +0000, Bruno Salgueiro wrote:
>  Thanks for your answer but slurpd won't help because the master server
>is an ICL LDAP gateway for an ICL X.500 server.

Ah, so.  ICL may have a simple replication tool... or ICL might
support some form logging by rewritten into the replog format
(LDIF change records) understood by slurpd.  I'm not familiar
enough with ICL software to make any specific recommendations.

>But from your answer would you suggest using the LDAP to X.500 gateway
>provided by OpenLDAP?

Our LDAP to X.500 is deprecated in favor of vendor provided gateways.
You might be able to get it to work, but I wouldn't recommend going
down that route as it will like not add any value over the vendor
gateway you already have.  We're planning on removing ldapd from
OpenLDAP in the next major release.

>Can that gateway "use" slurpd to replicate information to the slapd
>server which will hold the replicated data?

No.  The gateway doesn't provide any replication logging.

>  Only a final question. If we add a referral object in the DIT will the
>slapd server generate a referral to the client or will it chain the re-
>quest and return the results to the client?

OpenLDAP 1.x will only generate search references for referral
objects in the DIT as detailed in the U-Mich Guide.  OpenLDAP
1.x will not chain requests.