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LDAP fails on Mac

Hi list,

I've been having plenty of problems with OpenLDAP on my Mac Linux
(YellowDog) syetem - along the lines of this message from the archive:

On 24-May-99 Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
 Just a quick note for folks not on -bugs, patches to
 support glibc-2.1 based Linux systems have been committed
 to OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_1_2 (available via AnonCVS).
 Once adequately tested, we'll release 1.2.2.

Although OpenLDAP compiles perfectly, slapd will not start - it fails trying
to create a database.  I have updated to the latest glibc (2.1.3) and the
latest gdbm.  I have kernel 2.2.14.

Neither can I find a version of the source that works from the CVS.  So I am
either not looking in the right place, have missed something in the
documentation, done something else wrong, or have a more complex problem to

Help please!

  Iain Stevenson