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Re: Maximum number of entries in a container?

At 11:06 AM 3/1/00 -0600, Gerald Carter wrote:
>Under the current release version (1.2.9), are there 
>any recommendations for the maximum number of entries 
>in a container (ou)?  For example, can anyone comment 
>on placing 7,000+ entries nodes under a single 

The organization of a subtree shouldn't have not have
significant impact upon performance for most operations.
That is, a search of 7K entries organized in a flat
manner will perform on par with 7K entries organized
in a deep tree.  This is because no contention upon
the parent of entries for read operations.  Note, however,
that certian write operations (add,delete,modrdn) do
require a write lock on the parent entry.  A flatter
tree will experience great contention for parent write