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Re: ROAMING on Netscape

>I am now connecting to the Roaming Access Server from my PC, 
>but I am not yet "Roaming".
>If I type a wrong password in, it rejects me as I would expect, but if 
>i just accept a blank password, Netscape Communicator continues 
>to load, thereby preventing me from changing the username for 
>which Roaming is configured.
>I logged in on another PC and onto the Roaming Server with my 
>Roaming User, but it is not picking  up their bookmarks etc.
>Any ideas ?

Yeah! :) i found  a way (/bug/feature/etc) Communicator checks for "modifytimestamp" on his profile elements. If it is not defined, communicator does not accept profile entries at all. My workaround for this "feature" -  
 in servers/slapd/add.c - add another one attribute in add_created_attrs() - 

    bv.bv_val = buf;
    bv.bv_len = strlen( bv.bv_val );
    attr_merge( e, "createtimestamp", bvals );
+    attr_merge( e, "modifytimestamp", bvals ); /* i'm not sure, that it's right solution, but for small fix... */

After this fix, communicator got all of roaming preference - mail, proxy ...