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Re: No such Object

--- William L Anderson wrote:
the more reliable way to add data from an ldif file is 
to use ldapadd (see the manpage).
--- end of quote ---

Following all the helpful tips from the list, I trashed the databases created with ldif2ldbm. 

Next, I commented out the index directives in the slapd.conf file.

I then tried to use ldapadd, but I get the same error 32, No Such Object. Figuring it was my ldif file, I created a new file, just copying the line from the manpage and changing the lines to match what I have in the slapd.conf file. 

Still no luck. I've double checked my slapd.conf file, and have resorted to using the -f /fullpath/slapd.conf when launching slapd just to make sure that it is reading the correct file. 

Any other ideas?

Steve Cochran
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center