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Old problem charset-8859-? or UTF-8 ...


 I'm a ldap 1.2.7 user on three months. Working OK.

I plan write simple form on PHP 3.0.12 thats adding user to
LDAP databse. 

 My problem (maby very very old) is charset. I'm planning use
ISO-8859-2, because my all html files code ISO-8859-2.

 I know that natural LDAP database using code UTF-8 preffered XML.

I search disscussion PHP na LDAP list for any information but no 

 What can I realize form that use ISO-8859-2 or UTF-8 by PHP
any suggestions, examples ?

 Sorry this questions on this list ?

Wiesiek Glod              e-mail: wkg@x2.pl old wkg@halicz.com.pl