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Re: Securing Open LDAP & SSL

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Seth Vidal wrote:

# > Unfortunately, (and correct me if I'm wrong...) stunnel uses openssl,
# > which uses rsa, and therefore unless you're non-commercial, or outside the
# > US, it's illegal to use w/o a license from the RSA people.
# you could
# 1. ignore rsa
# 2. realize that after oct it won't make a difference.

	It also depends on the usage.  Last time I did a project for work
that used RSA libraries for mostly internal stuff, I couldn't get pricing
out of RSA.  As much as I tried, they just didn't have a plan for me that
didn't involve giving them a fraction of the profits from transactions
that went over my application.  We didn't make money with those
transactions, so it didn't apply.  They finally just quit calling me back. 

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