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Re: TCPD Wrappers...

On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Ingmar Gutberlet wrote:

> I have TCPD 7.6 with blacklisting installed and tried to enable wrappers for
> slapd. Configure finds tcpd.h but make can't find the library "wrap". What is
> wrap?

"libwrap.a" is the TCP wrapper library, built as part of the TCP wrapper
build.  "tcpd.h" is the interface header file.  When an application professes
TCP wrapper support (like OpenLDAP or Sendmail) then it's against libwrap.a
that you must link.

In your TCP wrapper configuration, remember to include a rule that will match
(and permit access to) "slapd" otherwise you won't be able to use your own
LDAP server.