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IRIX resolver and OpenLDAP

I have three test servers (OpenLDAP 1.2.9) running on various flavours of
Solaris box.  I've an A record in the DNS for ldap.york.ac.uk with three
IP addresses.  We have a number of IRIX 6.5.6 clients, so I've also
compiled for IRIX.  I have a problem using ldapsearch from the IRIX

% ldapsearch -v -h ldap.york.ac.uk 'cn=car7'
ldap_init( ldap.york.ac.uk, 389 )

This just hangs until I interrupt it.

On the other hand:

% ldapsearch -v -h ldap 'cn=car7'
ldap_init( ldap, 389 )
filter pattern: cn=car7
returning: ALL
filter is: (cn=car7)
cn=car7, ou=Computing Service, o=University of York, c=GB

nslookup returns the same details whether I search for ldap.york.ac.uk or
ldap (search domain is obviously york.ac.uk.)  But as you can see,
ldapsearch runs across some difficulty.  This behaviour is not evident
using ldapsearch on a solaris host.

Anyone come across anything similar?  Any suggestions?  It's not a killer,
I just thought it odd.