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Re: Installation

adding onto what Yash said, if you build like this :

[Diefadima@localhost Diefadima]$ cd ~
[Diefadima@localhost Diefadima]$ tar zfvx openldap-release.tgz
[Diefadima@localhost Diefadima]$ cd openldap-release
[Diefadima@localhost ldap]$ ./configure --prefix=~/openldap (optionally
[Diefadima@localhost ldap]$ make depend
[Diefadima@localhost ldap]$ make
[Diefadima@localhost ldap]$ cd tests
[Diefadima@localhost tests]$ make
[Diefadima@localhost tests]$ cd ..
[Diefadima@localhost ldap]$ make install

then you wil get openldap to install into ./openldap in your home 
directory. You will still have to change the slapd.conf file to make it
start on a non-priviliged port.


Diefadima Dioubate wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to ldap and I m not a manager of my department network but I
> need to use ldap for my research. I tried to install it in my account, I
> did several times it is not working.
> I don't have any right to copy file in usr/local/ directories.
> Can anyone tell me how to change default installation to adapt to my
> situation.
> Thank you very much in advance.
> Diefadima D.