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Re: ldap_simple_bind_s returns error 81

I recompiled Perl and the Net::LDAPapi module and everything works.

- Joost.

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000 21:57:31 GMT, you wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm having a real strange problem connecting to an OpenLDAP 1.2.7
>server on Solaris 2.6.
>My CGI script using Net::LDAPapi (openldap client lib) runs fine under
>Netscape Fasttrack Server and Enterprise Server. It runs fine from the
>commandline too. The same script runs fine on my test system using the
>Apache webserver.
>But here it comes: On my production server (same Apache and OpenLDAP
>server) it returns an error 81 at the ldap_simple_bind_s stage. 
>The cgi script will run just fine when executed from the commandline
>and the environments under Apache and the one in my shell seem to bee
>the same (though they are obviously not or the script would work).
>Has anyone seen this behaviour?
>What does error 81 ("LDAP server down") mean?
>Any suggestions?
>tia, Joost