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My slapd.conf is :

	access to dn=".*" attr=creatorsname
        	by * none
	access to attr=objectclass
        	by * search
	access to attr=ram,processeur,marque,uid,cn
        	by * search

And it steel show me that !!!

	LOGEAT Andre 

	Last Name       LOGEAT 
	nom             Andre LOGEAT 
	trigramme       ALT 
	Nickname        ALT 
	Department      DMD 
	Phone Number    318 
	Email           andre.logeat@aql.fr 
	fonction        Consultant Senior 
	City            RENNES 
	creatorsname    cn=root, o=aql, c=fr <-
	createtimestamp 20000131161449Z      <-

And if I add "defaultaccess none" at the beginning of my acl it show me an empty
list ...


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