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xmozillanickname/nickname and keyfingerprint attributes?

I'm trying to add the nickname option to my LDAP server, but Netscape addressbook
can't find it..

----- s n i p -----
[donald.ttyp1]$ ldapmodify -D 'cn=admin,ou=users,o=modular telecom,c=se' -W
dn: uid=turbo,ou=users,o=modular telecom,c=se
xmozillanickname: FransUrbo
modifying entry uid=turbo,ou=users,o=modular telecom,c=se

These are the objectclasses for the user entries

----- s n i p -----
[donald.ttyp1]$ ldapsearch 'uid=turbo' objectclass xmozillanickname
uid=turbo,ou=Users,o=Modular Telecom,c=SE

The strange thing is that I can not find the 'xmozillanickname' anywhere
in the oc files, and i have 'schemacheck on' in my slapd.conf, so it should
not allow the xmozillanickname entry, right? Is there any builtin objectclasses,
or why does it allow that entry, and what IS the attribute for the nickname?

I'm also trying to find an attribute to store my PGP/GPG fingerprint(s), anyone
have a define for that? Ben Collins, you have done this on the Debian site, how
do you distinguish between the PGP fingerprint and the GPG fingerprint. Both
use the attribute 'keyFingerPrint', but still it is displayed correctly on the
search engine on the web..