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Re: SAMBA PDC and Openldap Howto

Marian Steinbach wrote:
> After some web research I found this great tutorial 
> about usage of LDAP (OpenLDAP) as Backend for SAMBA PDC 
> data. This means that user and group data for authentication 
> on several SAMBA servers can be stored on one ore more
> (replicating) LDAP servers.
> A great leap for Single-Sign-On...

Actually, one the most complelling reasons for this in my 
opinion is the ability to use a secure LDAP replication scheme
for supporting multiple samba domain controllers without 
having to use the NT 4 PDC <-> BDC SAM replication protocol.

As a side note, Samba's LDAP schema is about to get a face lift
to make it more compatible with MS's AD.  

Very interesting times we live in...

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