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Re: Using OpenLDAP instead of Netscape Directory server

Hi Nico,

Thanks for the frank answer :-)

What sort of problems did you face in integrating OpenLDAP and NS
Directory?  Are they the sort which can be solved by throwing
resources (programmers, time, etc) at them?

Anyone have answers for the NS Directory <-> OpenLDAP replication and
OpenLDAP + SSL questions?


-- Raju

>>>>> "Nico" == Nico De Ranter <nico@sonycom.com> writes:

    Nico> On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, Raj Mathur wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> Has anyone tried using OpenLDAP as a replacement for netscape
    >> directory server, so that other netscape applications
    >> (messaging, news, calendar, etc) are able to fetch and update
    >> data from/into openldap?  What would be the schema in case
    >> someone wants to do this?

    Nico> I tried for some time getting Netscape Calendar server 4.0
    Nico> to work with OpenLDAP but it didn't work.  I got the same
    Nico> kind of replies on the Netscape Calendar Server newsgroup.

    >> On a related note, has anyone managed to make Netscape
    >> Directory and OpenLDAP replicate with each other?
    >> Finally, how does OpenLDAP handle SSL, if at all?
    >> Regards,
    >> -- Raju

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