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RE: ldap_modify call returning wrong messageId

 Thanks for the reply Kurt.
> At 05:15 PM 1/20/00 -0600, Nalla, Suneetha R (Suneetha) *CTR* wrote:
> >I am running Openldap 1.2.1 on solaris.
> Try upgrading to either 1.2.9 (latest release) or 1.2.7 (stable).
> >I am trying to use the asynchronous
> >modify call ldap_modify, which returns a messageId for the operation
> >initiated. Seems like ldap_modify is returning me back the 
> wrong messageId.
> >When I try to get back the result using ldap_result(ld, 
> >timeout, ldapResult) giving LDAP_RES_ANY as the second 
> parameter it sends me
> >back the right result LDAP_RES_MODIFY but the messageId as 
> part of the
> >ldapResult returned through ldap_result is different from 
> what I got when I
> >did ldap_modify. I am doing just one modify operation on 
> that server I am
> >not doing any think else, it always returns 0 when I do 
> ldap_modify and
> ldap_modify() should never return 0.  The first message id used is 1.

When I check the msgid in ldap pointer it is 2, since I did a bind before
modify, but ldap_modify is returning me 0 instead of 2.

> >returns 2 as messageId when I do ldap_result().
> This implies you did infact did another operation, maybe an 
> ldap_bind()?

Yes, I did do a bind (ldap_simple_bind) before ldap_modify. I meant to say I
didn't do any add, delete or search operations.
> >I am running the server in debug mode.

I am running slapd.

> What msgid is it reporting for the operation(s)?

conn=11 op=1 MOD dn="...,o=lucent,c=US"
Actually I attached a document which contains all the debug information of

> Does the test suite work?  If so, it does (using ldapmodify) an
> ldap_modify_s() which calls ldap_modify() and then ldap_result with
> a specific message id (basically what your code does).  Only real
> difference is that ldapmodify always does an ldap_bind() first.

You mean the tests that come with the library. I ran them long back when I
first installed and built them they were successful. I haven't run it

> >Is this a bug that's fixed in the later versions or am I doing
> >something wrong.
> I do not see any changes in -lldap between 1.2.1 and 1.2.9 that
> would change this behavior.  However, I do recommend you update
> as numerous other bugs have been fixed.
> 	Kurt


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