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slapd's sockets in CLOSE_WAIT


I use an OpenLDAP server version 1.2.8 + PAM LDAP + NSS LDAP
and I have LDAP users accounts on the same machine where the server is.

I noticed that each user process opens a socket to the server and the
LDAP server has a lot of open sockets in CLOSE_WAIT state.

I'm not sure but I think this is for the clients to reuse the same socket
later instead of creating a new one. (in slapd's daemon.c I've found
that the server sets the flag SO_REUSEADDR on sockets)

But since the open sockets are local it is possible for local processes
use Unix Domain sockets? (if yes how?)

Thanks a lot.

Giuseppe Lo Biondo
Computing Services - INFN-MI