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ldap_modify call returning wrong messageId

Hi All,

I am running Openldap 1.2.1 on solaris. I am trying to use the asynchronous
modify call ldap_modify, which returns a messageId for the operation
initiated. Seems like ldap_modify is returning me back the wrong messageId.
When I try to get back the result using ldap_result(ld, LDAP_RES_ANY, 0,
timeout, ldapResult) giving LDAP_RES_ANY as the second parameter it sends me
back the right result LDAP_RES_MODIFY but the messageId as part of the
ldapResult returned through ldap_result is different from what I got when I
did ldap_modify. I am doing just one modify operation on that server I am
not doing any think else, it always returns 0 when I do ldap_modify and
returns 2 as messageId when I do ldap_result(). I am running the server in
debug mode. Is this a bug that's fixed in the later versions or am I doing
something wrong.

Thanks for your help.