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problems with OpenLDAP and Windows 98 client

Hi All,

I've a problem accessing the OpenLDAP server from a Netscape running on
a windows 98 PC.
Here is the story:

- I've installed successfully the OpenLDAP server on a Solaris 2.6.
- I've put some data in the directory.
- I can access fastly (0 seconds) the information in the directory
server using a Netscape on a Solaris machine.
Usually I use a URL like the following:


- I've tried a Netscape also on Windows NT and, again, it's fast.
- I've tried a Netscape on Windows 98 and IT TAKES MORE THAN 60

In all my trials I've tried out also the following:

- I've tried to change the host where the LDAP server is running.
- I've tried to run the LDAP server as root, using the default port.
- I've tried the URL with ip instead of hostname.
- I've tried to put the file \WINDOWS\HOSTS on the PC with windows 98.
- I've even tried Microsoft Internet Explorer (bleah).
- I've also installed the Directory server from Netscape, to see if it
is a problem of communication on my network from Sun LAN to PC Windows
LAN, and, it works fine. I mean that I have the Netscape Directory
server on titano (another host) and the windows 98 Netscape client gets
the result of the URL "ldap://titano/o=mycompany"; in 0 seconds.

To my feeling it seems that the connection from the LDAP server on the
Sun and the PC windows 98 (Obviously Ive tried more than one PC) in some
way exists. The trial OpenLDAP vs Netscape Directory seems to say that
the connection is good and could be fast. For some reason the OpenLDAP
takes a long time when a request arrives from a windows 98 client. I can
understand it very well :) However it doesn't work :(

My next trial is Lourdes
Please help

tel;work:+39 039 6290184
fn:Daniele Antoniazzi