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Re: ACL difficulties


I feel as though I could always learn new and better ways to do this,
but this works for me:

defaultaccess read
access to * by self write
            by dn="cn=Manager, ou=SAM, o=Concentric Network, c=US" write

I hope this works for you.

If anyone else can provide better ways of doing this it would be great.

Good luck.


Fabrice Nouet wrote:
> hello all,
> Better to explain with an example !
> A user (fabrice) is trying to connect himself to the base through his uid
> (fabriceuid) and userpassword (fabricepwd).
> Only this user, and the administrator, can add or modify or search into his
> specific dn (dn=fabriceuid,ou=organization,o=society)
> Is it possible to create an ACL like this
> Access to "dn=fabriceuid,ou=organization,o=society"
> by "uid=fabriceuid"
> filter "userpassword=fabricepwd"
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