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linking with openldap libs

 Hi all,
 I'm currently trying to replace our setup of SDS with openldap (all on
 sparc solaris 2.6).
 One major problem I have is that I'm using the nss_ldap module from PADL.
 When I compile and link padl to the openldap (shared)libs I get the
 following error when trying to authenticate a user :
 ld.so.1: su: fatal: relocation error: file /usr/lib/libldap.so.1: symbol
 ber_alloc_t: referenced symbol not found
 Does anyone have a working Makefile for linking padl to openldap libs?
 p.s. the help from PADL is really bad. true, it is free s/w but providing
 a support email and then just ignoring them isn't very nice =8-(