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LDAP Schema Design


Ok i got a bit familiar with LDAP, and now I am designing my
schema.  Because the needs are unique, the schema needs to be unique, and
here is my current plan.

To have 4 Objects in this schema

RootObject - This object would be the parent of all the other objects.

ContinentObject - This object has the ContinentName, and should be a child
of the RootObject (Probably even inherit the RootObject) then ?

CountryObject - This will have the certain countries, and the continent
they are connected to (Again inherincy, but here RootObject isn't

UserObject - This will have the records of each user.  The attributes here
will be shown below.  Here are all the attributes of each table.


RootObject - I guess just give it something simple for identification.  I
dont know how the standard approach is.

ContinentObject - This will have a case insensitive string of the
Continent, and if needed it's parent, which is the simple string given for
the root identification.

CountryObject should have a Continent Name (Case insensitive), and the
Country Name (Also case insensitive).  I figure the continent name would
be inherited, or what ever.

UserObject - this would be the big object.  It's attributes are:
Username - Case Insensitive String, also the unique (or cn i guess)
State - Case insensitive string
City - Case insensitive string
Zipcode - This would be a case insensitive string
Relevence - An integer, that is from 0->100, etc.

Could somebody please advice, or help with creating this.  I am really
scared with touching any of the *.oc.conf, *.at.conf files as I'm unsure
of what exactly to touch there.

Thanks again in advance.

-- Walter