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Re: distributing subtrees, referrals

Many thanks, Kurt, for answering my many questions.

I was able to get my toy problem working - a distributed tree with two
child trees
on separate servers.  The parent server has smart referrals to the children
for their parts of the tree,
while the children use the "referral" clause of slapd.conf to point to the

I would, humbly, like to point out that my referral statements did, in
fact, require additional context
information in order to get upward chaining queries to be answered.  That
is, given:

ParentServer   ldap://parentserver.foo.com/o=foo.com

Child1Server   ldap://c1.foo.com/ou=a,ou=b,ou=c,o=foo.com

I had to put
     referral       ldap://parentserver.foo.com/o=foo.com
in c1.foo.com's sladp.conf in order to for superior requests to be answered
properly by parentserver.foo.com.
Leaving off the o=foo.com caused queries "above" ou=a,ou=b,ou=c to fail.  (
No such object )

This makes sense to me intuitively.... couldn't you have multiple
referrals?  ( I'm pretty sure Netscape Directory
server allows such- I'lve been reading the docs online).  If you could have
multiple referrals,
wouldn't you need to to tell the child what the parent is able to answer?