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Re: distributing subtrees, referrals

At 05:09 PM 1/7/00 -0600, Jim.Greer@AUTOZONE.COM wrote:
>I'm stuck - could somebody give me a hand?
>I'm trying to get a couple of slapd's to refer to one another for certain
>One server is rooted at dc=autozone, dc=com
>I've added various entries to it and everything is working swimmingly.
>Some of the entries are organizationalUnits, arranged in a hierarchy:
>     ou=4, dc=autozone, dc=com
>     ou=SouthEast, ou=4, dc=autozone, dc=com
>     ou=Memphis, ou=SouthEast, dc=autozone, dc=com
                               ^ ou=4 ?

>I've also added a smart referral entry pointing to another
>organizationalUnit on the other server
>c=com". ou=Memphis,ou=SouthEast,ou=4,dc=autozone,dc=com
       ^ s/\./,/

>1) In slapd.conf, should the rootdn on "otherserver" be of the form:
>     rootdn    "cn=root, dc=autozone, dc=com"
>     rootdn    "cn=root, ou=S0003,

The rootdn of each database should be within the database.

>That is, is the rootdn a local rootdn or not?

RootDN are local to databases and servers.  That is, each database has a
separate rootdn and they can differ between services which share the same
database (through replication).

>2) On otherserver in slapd.conf, should suffix be set to the subtree root?
>     suffix    ou=S0003, ou=Memphis,ou=SouthEast,ou=4,dc=autozone,dc=com

Given your referral, yes.

>     If the suffix is set of the subtree, how do I add the initial root
>entry for otherserver?

By superior referral.  Set your default referal to the superior of otherserver.

>It seems to be looking for the ou=S0003,......,dc=com context, which
>doesn't exist yet.
>3) On otherserver in slapd.conf, I have a referral entry
>referral       ldap://masterserver.autozone.com/
>All the examples I've seen of referral merely state a server name.
>Do I need to provide some kind of context here?


>referral       ldap://masterserver.autozone.com/dc=autozone, dc=com
>referral       ldap://masterserver.autozone.com/ou=Memphis, .....
>[ the parent of the local subtree ]
>Any helpful answers to these questions would be appreciated,
>Jim Greer