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Re: patch


>I've never said otherwise. I just didn't like having duplicate 
>information in my db. I didn't know that the 'krbName' was 
>case sensitive (is it, does it matter?). Do one really want

It should be; I'm actually not sure whether it is :-)

>case sensitive email addresses? Doesn't that break some RFC
>(cant remember the number though, but I'm quite sure I've seen
>something like that in some mailing list)?

krbName is meant to represent Kerberos principal names, not
electronic mail addresses. They may be, but need not, be 
the same.

It _would_ be nice to have a mechanism where attributes could
be equivalenced or related by some ruleset, to minimize the
amount of redundant information in a directory. For example,
obviously there will be sites where a user's email address
and Kerberos principal name are the same (case aside).

However, you have to weight the cost of developing such consistency
functionality against the cost of keeping different attributes in
sync by hand...  which may be inexpensive, if your directory
information is fairly static.


-- Luke

Luke Howard
PADL Software Pty Ltd