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Re: beginner

squeegy+ldap@squeegy.org wrote:

> I wish to create ldap entries with the following fields:
> First Name
> Middle Name
> Last Name
> Company Name
> Address
> Address2
> City
> State
> Zip Code
> Country
> Phone
> E-mail
> I am lost as to how to set this up.  I have openldap installed and I
> went through the quick start faq to summit a simple entry and then
> search for it.  everything works, so what I need now is how to create
> the directory.  Initially I would like this imformation available
> without authorization.  could someone take this sample record and put
> it it the ldap format.  thanks
> John
> Wilson
> Doe
> Tech Inc.
> 34 Grep Lane
> Suite 509
> Pittsburgh
> PA
> 15212
> 412-555-1212
> jdoe@tech.com
> ___________________
> Jt "The Squeegy" Chiodi
> http://www.squeegy.org/
> squeegy@squeegy.org

Having only recently started with LDAP myself, I'm probably not the most
qualified to reply, but I'll give some (hopefully accurate) ideas.

You'd probably want to create an LDIF file (It's basically the same
format as what ldapsearch outputs). There should be some info in "The
SLAPD and SLURPD Administrator's Guide".

You would probably need to declare (?) some new objectclasses for some
of the info you want. Again, I point you to "The ... Guide".

Sorry for being so vague and I hope this is *some* help.