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Re: Beginner Help

Well for starters, it would help if I figured out exactly what
cn, on, etc mean.  Now it seems after focusing my efforsts on browing
for the answers to this, I found the answers and am bieng enlightened.

Basically I want to show my boss a demonstration of setting up a new
sample database, (please excuse me if i'm using SQL talk as that is what I
used for all my other Database related work), table, and insert a record
into this database/table.

Now I understand that LDAP works sort of like a tree span ?

  Organization 1
    Worker Record 1
    Worker Record 2
  Organization 2
    Worker Record 1
    Worker Record 2
  Organization 3

Please correct me if I am mistaken.  Then searches can be done by Country,
then broaden it by searching just a *certain* Organization.  Probably we
can put in of course certain fields in the company, (Sales, Billing,
Support).  Maybe first divide by State.  Please try to advice me if my
concept of LDAP is correct or incorrect.

And yes I did buy a book, and i'm still waiting for it to arrive from
Fatbrain :-).

Thanks again, for the initial reply.
-- Walter

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, William L Anderson wrote:

> Walter, I can understand that it can be difficult to get
> started. However, if you would post exactly what you were trying to do 
> and what problem you are having it will be easier to help you out.
> Bill Anderson