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Re: Persistent Search - asynchronous event notification

"David J. Ferrero" wrote:
> Does anyone know if OpenLDAP v1.x or v2.0 supports Persistent searches?
> Apparently Netscape Directory Server 4.1 does...
> I'm not sure where RFC 2589 fits in but a little further digging in
> Sun's JNDI tutorial yields the following blurb at the bottom of the page
> at:
> http://java.sun.com/products/jndi/tutorial/beyond/event/index.html
> (I wasn't able to locate the Internet draft they reference on
> ftp.isi.edu however).
> "Also, the LDAP server must support the Persistent Search control
> (Internet draft draft-ietf-ldapext-psearch-01.txt). The Netscape
> Directory Server 4.1 supports this control. "
> Thanks for any further info.

The Persistent Search (PS) I-D is expired but an effort is underway to
form a new working group in the IETF to address the need for both
offline and online notification of LDAP changes.  I attached an
announcement about the new effort.  You can find the last PS I-D here
for reference:


Maybe I should look into having it published as an Informational RFC.

Mark Smith
iPlanet Directory Architect / Sun-Netscape Alliance
My words are my own, not my employer's.   Got LDAP?
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At the end of the LDUP meeting in Washington I introduced a new
topic for discussion: An LDAP Client Update Protocol. This new
protocol is intended to address the following client needs.

1 -  Mobile clients that maintain a local copy of directory data. 
     While off-line, the client uses the local copy of the data. 
     When the client connects to the network, it synchronizes with 
     the current directory content and can be optionally notified
     about the changes that occur while it is on-line. For example,
     a mail client can maintain a local copy of the corporate address
     book which it synchronizes with the master copy whenever the client
     gets connected to the corporate network. 

2 -  Applications intending to synchronize heterogeneous data stores.
     A meta directory application, for instance, would periodically
     retrieve a list of modified entries from the directory, construct 
     the changes and apply them to a foreign data store. 

3 -  Clients that need to take certain actions when a directory entry 
     is modified. For instance, an electronic mail repository may want
     to perform a "create mailbox" task when a new person entry is added
     to an LDAP directory and a "delete mailbox" task when a person entry
     is removed. 

This work will draw experience from the LDUP working group, and will
be predominently based upon the DirSync, PSearch, and TSearch drafts.

Since this work is suffiently distinct from LDUP and LDAPext I have
created a new mailing list for discussions on this topic. To subscribe
send a plain text message to ietf-lcup-request@netscape.com with the
word 'subscribe' in the body.


[PSEARCH] M. Smith "A Simple LDAP Change Notification Mechanism", INTERNET-DRAFT
<draft-ietf-ldapext-psearch-01.txt>, August 1998. 

[TSEARCH] M.Whal "LDAPv3 Triggered Search Control", INTERNET-DRAFT
<draft-ietf-ldapext-trigger-01.txt>,  August 1998. 

[DIRSYNC] M. Armijo "Microsoft LDAP Control for Directory Synchronization",
<draft-armijo-ldap-dirsync-00.txt>, August 1999.

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