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RE: asynchronous event notification

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> Sent: Monday, December 20, 1999 6:28 AM
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> Subject: asynchronous event notification
> I'm working on a OpenLdap/JNDI application and had plans to register for
> namespace and object content change events (add, remove, rename,
> change). Ie: I'd like for the application to be notified when a new
> entry is made to openldap or removed or changed or renamed. From a
> cursory scan through JNDI: javax.naming.event.* and javax.naming.ldap.*
> packages it appears that these are LDAP v3 features and probably doesn't
> exist in OpenLDAP 1.X but maybe would be available in OpenLDAP 2.X
> Could someone with more intimate knowledge of LDAP v2 vs. v3 spec and
> OpenLDAP development or JNDI w/OpenLDAP care to comment on above with
> regard to registering for unsolicated events and asynchronous event
> notifications?
> I could probably just as easily develop another form of communication
> between the producer and consumer applications but would rather use LDAP
> events if available.
> Any quick response is appreciated as this is under development now.
> Regards,
> David Ferrero

I vaguely recall reading a proposed extension to LDAPv3 for this feature,
but can't find the document reference at the moment. It's not present in
OpenLDAP 2.x (yet - someone with sufficient inspiration could always add
it). The typical way one would go about adding such a feature would be to
have the client issue a search request to a special DN, which the server
provides for this purpose. Whenever a desired event occurs, a search entry
is sent back to the client. The search operation is never terminated by the
server, it is left pending until the client explicitly abandons it. In the
meantime, entries are sent back as events occur.

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