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Re: new installation cannot do ldapadd

At 05:37 PM 12/17/99 -0800, P. Eric Chi wrote:
>[root@echi-pc2 slapd]# /ext/work/ldap/clients/tools/ldapadd -D "cn=Manager,
>dc=eric, dc=com" -W < m2.ldif 
>Enter LDAP Password: 
>ldapadd: no attributes to change or add (entry dc=eric, dc=com dc: eric o:
>My Company objectclass: organization objectclass: dcObject)

I suspect you cut and pasted from Quick Start Guide example
and didn't trim the leading white space off of each line.
As such, subsequent lines where treated as continuations of
the first.  I've updated the QSG to hopefully reduce this
frequency of this problem.


Kurt D. Zeilenga		<kurt@boolean.net>
Net Boolean Incorporated	<http://www.boolean.net/>