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Re: Size limitation on LDBM ?

> From:    "David L. Parsley" <parsley@roanoke.edu>
> To:      wesley.craig@umich.edu, openldap-software@openldap.org

> Do you mind if I ask what kind of _hardware_ you're running OpenLDAP
> on?  (and OS?)  It's such a bear spec'ing hardware for stuff like this.

We're currently running two Sparc E450's with 1G RAM as read-only
slaves.  These two machines are used almost exclusively to route email
bound for username@umich.edu.  We have two more of these E450's that
will be put into production before the end of the year (the version of
X.500/quipu we're running's not y2k complaint), one master, and one
slave that has write-on-sync enabled and keeps a complete replication
log.  A fifth machine is kept for development.  The E450's are probably