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Re: Weird problems

At 04:44 PM 12/15/99 +1100, Leigh Ravenhall wrote:
>I have compiled and installed OpenLDAP, with BerkeleyDB.
>When I try to add a record to directory, LDAP replies with:
>> adding new entry cn=Leigh Ravenhall, o=DSTC, c=AU
>> ldap_add: Operations error

The slapd likely had problems creating an index for one
of the attributes of the entry.

>If I then try to query the directory, it tells me that the record has been
>Secondly, after adding some records, if I try to search on the attribute
>cn=Leigh Ravenhall, no results are returned.

Like slapd likely had trouble creating the cn index.

>If I try to search with !(cn=Leigh Ravenhall) it successfully gives me all
>other records.

You likely should check that the slapd process has permissions
to create and write index files.  Then you should rebuild the
indexes using ldbmcat/ldif2ldbm.

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