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Re: crypt passwords

At 03:47 PM 12/14/99 -0500, David J. Ferrero wrote:
>HJohnson@1ClickCharge.com wrote:
>> should there then be an attribute in the slapd.oc.conf for cryptpassword?
>> Or do I just add it myself?
>> How do I enter the 'manager' password (and all user passwords) so they are
>> encrypted?
>for the rootpw stored in slapd.conf, I used the following format:
>rootpw    {crypt}
>Then I used htpasswd from Apache to create a cypted password:
>htpasswd -c newpasswordfile rootdn
>This creates newpasswordfile with rootdn:cryptedpasswd. I copied the
>cryptedpasswd to slapd.conf
>I believe you could use ldappasswd to create but I don't know how you
>could access the crypted value to put into slapd.conf:
>ldappasswd to create a userpassword for my rootdn such as:
>ldappasswd -D <rootdn> -w <cleartext-rootpw>
>this command should prompt you for the new rootpw...

ldappassword is designed to modify user passwords via LDAP.  It
doesn't support changing rootpw.  Another tool, such as htpassword,
must be used.

>I'm currently working on a java servlet to collect user data and create
>ldap entries using JNDI. Works ok, but the userpasswords are stored in
>clear text. I would like to know how to create crypted userpasswords
>instead. As you ask, do I need an entry in slapd.oc.conf such as:

OpenLDAP requires the clients to hash new passwords.

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