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LDAP email distribution groups

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure that this is the correct list, but we're about at our wits
end - so this is an act of desperation.

We desire to set up groups for email. We have managed to port our address
book to LDAP and we can use it without problems for emailing to multiple
people as long as we insert them one at a time into the "To:" field(or "Cc:"
or "Bcc:"). However, we would like to set up GROUPS such that by entering
that name into the "To:" field, all people in that GROUP would receive a
copy of the email.

For example, we could have people named "Eric Clapton", "Robert Johnson",
"Keb Mo", "Willie Nelson", and "Vince Gill". We want a GROUP called "Blues
Guitarists" that contains "Eric Clapton", "Robert Johnson", and "Keb Mo".
Another GROUP called "Country Guitarists" that contains "Willie Nelson", and
"Vince Gill". And another GROUP called "Guitarists" that contains "Eric
Clapton", "Robert Johnson", "Keb Mo", "Willie Nelson", and "Vince Gill".
Then to send mail to all five you just enter "Guitarists" in the "To:"
field. Or, enter "Country Guitarists" to send to "Willie Nelson", and "Vince
Gill" and so forth.

We would like to use OpenLDAP and freely available mail clients such as
"Netscape Messenger" or "MS Outlook Express".

Is this possible or do we need to go to a proprietary solution?


Carter Adams