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Re: Size limitation on LDBM ?

> From:    Wayne Browne <wbrowne@dynamite.com.au>
> To:      openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org

> I have a query about using Berkeley DB 2.7.7.  
> Is there an upper limit on the number of objects that can be stored in a
> single LDBM ? I assume you can keep pumping in objects till the database
> hits the 256 terabytes limit for the Berkeley DB?
> Is there a reference site for a LARGE OpenLDAP system? 
> I am looking at a system which will store some 20,000 user records, and
> user groups,  probable in a single people sub-org. Potentially, I would
> like to store document information in the same LDBM, but I could feasible
> locate this in a separate LDBM without much hassle... 

The University of Michigan is in the process of migrating to OpenLDAP.
We're currently running one X.500 master, three X.500 slaves, and two
OpenLDAP slaves.  All umich.edu email is routed using an OpenLDAP
server.  Before the end of the year, we'll be running no X.500 servers
at all.

Our database currently stores some 100,000 user entries and an
additional 120,000 group entries.  Almost all groups are in the "User
Groups" sub-org.  The users are currently organized according to the
University reporting structure, but we're planning to move the users to
a single separate sub-org, so user affiliations can be represented
through multiple "ou" attributes.

We used to store document information in the directory as well, but it
no longer seems to be the right place -- we put that information there
when gopher was popular, before http, before search engines.

In any case, the LDIF for this is about 240M, and the full database
with 20 indices is under 700M.