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Re: crypt passwords

HJohnson@1ClickCharge.com wrote:
> should there then be an attribute in the slapd.oc.conf for cryptpassword?
> Or do I just add it myself?
> How do I enter the 'manager' password (and all user passwords) so they are
> encrypted?

for the rootpw stored in slapd.conf, I used the following format:

rootpw    {crypt}

Then I used htpasswd from Apache to create a cypted password:
htpasswd -c newpasswordfile rootdn
This creates newpasswordfile with rootdn:cryptedpasswd. I copied the
cryptedpasswd to slapd.conf

I believe you could use ldappasswd to create but I don't know how you
could access the crypted value to put into slapd.conf:

ldappasswd to create a userpassword for my rootdn such as:
ldappasswd -D <rootdn> -w <cleartext-rootpw>
this command should prompt you for the new rootpw...

I'm currently working on a java servlet to collect user data and create
ldap entries using JNDI. Works ok, but the userpasswords are stored in
clear text. I would like to know how to create crypted userpasswords
instead. As you ask, do I need an entry in slapd.oc.conf such as:

userPassword   {crypt}

Any help from the experts?