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Re: aliases

At 07:05 AM 12/13/99 -0800, Brett G. Lemoine wrote:
>> At 11:18 AM 12/11/99 -0800, Brett G. Lemoine wrote:
>> >Can someone point me to some documentation on ldap aliasing?  Both
>> >for individual entries as well as for entire ranges if possible.
>> I don't believe any documentation exists.   You create
>> an alias, add an entry of the form:
>> dn: cn=alias, dc=boolean, dc=net
>> objectclass: alias
>> aliasedobjectname: cn=target, dc=boolean, dc=net
>> Then "cn=alias, dc=boolean, dc=net" will be an alias for
>> "cn=target, dc=boolean, dc=net".
>cool, thanks.  What about for an entire 'domain'.. e.g.
>if I wanted to have an alias:
>dn: o=Big Co, c=US
>objectclass: alias
>aliasedobjectname: dc=big, dc=com
>Where all real entries were actually undef 'dc=big, dc=com'.

Well, if "o=Big co, c=US" and "dc=big,dc=com are in held in the
same database, then yes.

>This doesn't seem to do the 'right' thing when I search for something
>under the base 'o=Big Co, c=US', where 'right' would be to follow the
>alias and return the appropriate entries under the 'dc=big,dc=com'

You might try "ldapsearch -a always ...".
"Never" deref is the default.


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